Goddess Nemesis of rightful vengeance (ladynemesis702) wrote,
Goddess Nemesis of rightful vengeance


Okay...tonights episode.  I am not going into to much detail this week ...

I was expecting more out of tonights episode. But it was very cool.  Some,
not all of the characters are beginning to mingle together.

I like that we got to see NIKKI when her alter ego takes over...
notice she uses the term "our son" in reference to MIcah...hello...don't mess
with a mothers' offspring.

I hope Claire killed that ass of a quarterback.

I honestly dont think Simone is even necessary at this point.

Isaacs' powers are flippin awsome...what better way to paint a portrait than to
do it right over the image (note: drugs are still bad...this not real kiddies)

Hiro....is obviously a key point in this whole story...like Peter.....Mohinder seems
very cynical.

I like the previews of Super-Nathan flying away from Claires' dad and
his scary ass friend.

What happened to Parkman?

What is Claires' dad doing in all of this.

What if Claires biological father is Syler...uh...i totaly pulled that outta my ass...just
thinkin out loud. Okay well that all I have for this week.

Sorry guys!!!
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