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Goddess Nemesis of rightful vengeance

Heroes Ep.5


*PATRELLI BROS: After cheating on his wife with Niki 2, Nathan is knabbed by Claires dad and his creepy friend...and then FLYS outta there...coincidentaly landing at the diner Hiro and his friend are at.  Nathan uses  his political clout to get an extra 2 million outta the scum that taped him and Niki 2. After his visit from future Hiro...Peter goes back to Isaacs and puts the peices together...finishing the painting of the cheerleader in perill....by tapping into Isaacs powers.  Hiro calls and Peter tells him he has a message for him.

*NIKI: Niki wakes up to find Nathan gone.  She doesnt remember comming back to the room.  The bitchy asian girl tells her she is free and clear and can go home to her son.  As she is leaving Nathan returns..they talk and she informs him that they were unknowingly recorded. Niki returns home to find the police at her home...Micah is okay, but DL was spotted in the area...they are putting the Sanders' under full protection.  And from the looks of next weeks episode...DL has a few secrets too...

*HIRO: Hiro sees Nathan land from his "flying" trip.  Convinces him to give him a ride back to the hotel in Las Vegas.  When he gets there he realizes that he cant drive and waits for his friend to come back from looking for Niki.  When he does they call Isaac and Peter picks up the phone...

*CLAIRE: She and the quarterback are in the hospital.  She tells her dad what he tried to do to her, as an answer to why she did what she did.  To protect her or himself....he gets his creepy friend to erase the mind of the quarterback...he doesnt even know his own name when she goes to apologize.

*PARKMAN: He awakens on his living room couch...completely unaware of what has been going on the last few days.  He makes his wife very happy and stoppes a robbery....when he is going to turn in the gun he faints....overload of everyones thoughts.

ummm...I think I covered everything...CANT WAIT UNTILL NEXT WEEK!!!!

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