Goddess Nemesis of rightful vengeance (ladynemesis702) wrote,
Goddess Nemesis of rightful vengeance


mmmmkay soooo...my roommate ( the one who would forget me)
is moving out of our place. She told me yesterday. She and her 
boyfriend are on a "break" and she said that she doesnt want to 
live in that house because it was too painful.  I dont know if it is 
just me or what but she is being really selfish.  What if my rent 
goes up?!!!  She is financialy unstable so she is gonna go move
back in with her parents.  Yes now that is the smart thing to do...but
she was living at her parents house when they got together.  Wont 
that bring up bad memories too? And to top it off if she would stay at
our place her boyfriend can come over and stay the night if he wanted...
at her mom's he cant stay past nine pm.  Her parents lock the doors 
at 9, and she wont have as much freedom. If she was smarter about 
money we would have enough to move into our own apartment.

we make 12.87 an hour...she suspects that by the end of Dec, she 
should have at LEAST 1grand saved up...by my calculations...with my 
bills already out of the equation...we should have over 2 grand.  In all 
fairness i have been bad with money too...according to my check stub 
i have grossed way over 5 grand so far...but i kept on buying books and 
furniture(mattress, nighttable and bed frame) not to mention food. I actually 
had to write her a note and paste it everywhere before she actually bought food.
And then she only bought snacks for her and her boyfriend. When I buy food, 
I get something for everyone in the house.  It's 5 days untill the end of the month,
and we have no one to cover that room. 

I'm just really pissed off at her right now. 

Well thank you too whomever reads this and letting me vent. 


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