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How I missed ERAGON....

Okay so my weekend started off good.....with a show with my mom
to when my car took a sh*** on me....I missed Eragon, and got an 
awsome christmas gift from my sister...

 I took my mom to see the Blue Man Group over at the hotel I 
work at.  The show was great...she loved it so all was good.
Traffic sucked ass though.

I got her home at like I dunno....9pm...on my way home in the shady part 
of Las Vegas, near the strip I hear a loud pop as I am going downhill.  I 
hit my breaks to slow down and my car starts to fish tail. 

I pull over at a decent looking gas station, to look at my car...all four tires 
were still in place, no flats....so I got back in my car, and put my foot on 
my break to reverse....then I noticed the spongy feel to my breaks and 
realized uh yeah dippy...get your car checked out.  So I am driving home 
as safely as I can, while something is knocking in the back of my car. 

I got home safe.  The next morning I woke up and had a lot of responds 
on my blog about my car on my Myspace page...(
So I got all set up to go to Midas to get my car checked out.  As I am pulling 
out of my driveway...my car drops on the right side....I pull back forward 
because now I have a flat and need to pop on a spare...I get out of my car 
and see my tire across the street.   Trailing behind the tire back to my car 
are other parts...INCLUDING MY BRAKES!!!!! I picked up the parts and placed 
them next to the car and got the tire as close to my car as possible..and 
called my dad.   

Then I called USAA and got a tow truck..  I was so mad because I had tickets 
for ERAGON at 11:59 ....to the premier showing. I started crying in 
between the time my tire popped off and the tow truck came.  No matter 
what I did I couldn't get over the fact that I was going to miss this movie 
I had been waiting months for!!!!

The mechanic looked at my car and said it was fixable...so I quickly realized
 it was not the end of the world if I miss ERAGON, but it didnt make me any 
less sad.  And previews wouldn't stop playing...so I got even more sad....this 
guy who has a thing for me offered to take me...but I didnt want him to think 

Bright side:  My SLYTHERIN car will be fixed by tomorrow and I can go
see the movie. 
Thank the world for my generous daddy and my loyal friend who are helping 
me pay for it.  $1307.15 with labor to fix the piece that popped off...my right 
wheel well...the rear tires...flush my break system...refit my breaks.  The good 
thing is they didn't recommend anything that I didnt ask for. But I must get a 
rear wheel realignment.  Or this will happen again. 

In all the chaos over the last three days....i got my christmas gift in the mail 
from my little sister, and she felt so bad for me that she let me open it early...
and in the box...was an authentic SLYTHERIN HOUSE SCARF, and 
an authentic SLYTHERINE HOUSE NECKTIE.  She got it from 
www.alivans.com), check it out they sell all four house ties and scarves....
and robes house sweaters, wands and brooms. 

Now I have to get a RAVENCLAW, and a GRYFFINDOR set for my 
sisters...okay well that's all for now...for anyone who reads this...thank you..
and wow you must be bored.


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